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Titre: Hybrid dissemination protocol for vehicular ad-hoc networks

Domaine: Mathématiques informatique (MI)

Filière: Informatique


Auteur: IRATNI Naima

Soutenu (e) le: 23/03/2022

Sous la direction de: SEKHRI Larbi, Maitre de conférences A, Université de Relizane

Co-directeur:LOUAZANI Ahmed, Professeur, Université Oran 1

Le président du jury : ABDI Mustapha Kamel, Professeur, Université Oran 1

Examinateur1: BOUKERCHE Azzedine, Professeur, Université d’Ottawa, CANADA

Examinateur2: ELBERRICHI Zakaria, Professeur, Université SBA

Examinateur3: BOUDIA Omar Rafik, Maitre de conférences A, Université Oran 1

Mention: Très Honorables


Currently, for various reasons, authorities are facing the problem of locating a particular vehicle. Some cars are equipped by a geographical positioning system (GPS), but fake or those used in criminal acts have their GPS o_. Therefore, locating and target tracking in Vehicular ad-hoc networks (VANets) is gaining more attention in the research _eld due to all the envisioned applications that rely on it, such as endlessly tracking a particular vehicle knowing only its license plate number. This is a vital and challenging problem to merge with the dynamic nature of VANets and the high speed of its nodes. In this thesis we try to alleviate this problem by proposing a novel infrastructureless and lightweight tracking algorithm that allows authorities to constantly track a target node. Based on the clustering model, nodes surrounding the target have to collaborate to keep the target in sight and continuously inform the control center (the authorities' base station). A performance evaluation of our proposed solution is performed by using the NS2 and Veins simulators.

Mots clefs: Vehicular Networks; Clustering algorithm; Target tracking; Dissemination; Performance Evaluation; NS2; simulation; V2V communication; mobility similitude metric (MSM).

Publications associées à la thèse

Article 1 TH5315:

Titre: Performance Evaluation of a Novel Target Tracking Protocol for Vehicular Networks

Revue: International Journal of Computing and Digital Systems (IJCDS)

Référence: Iratni, N., Louazani, A., Sekhri, L., “Performance Evaluation of a Novel Target Tracking Protocol for Vehicular Networks”. In: International Journal of Computing and Digital Systems (IJCDS). Vol. 10. 01. 1st Mar. 2021,pp. 1167–1175.

Date: 1/03/2021