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Titre: Linguistic politeness and formulaic speech in Tlemcenian speech community : A case study

Domaine: Lettres et Langues Etrangères (LLE)

Filière: Langues anglo-saxonnes

Option: Linguistics and language management in Algeria

Auteur: DALI YOUCEF Linda

Sous la direction de: F. BOUHADIBA, Professeur, Université d'Oran

Le président du jury : A. ELIMAM, Professeur,

Examinateur1: S. BENMOUSSAT, Maitre de Conférences, Université d'Oran

Examinateur2: Rachida YACINE, Maitre de conférences, Université d'Oran


The informants in this study are native speakers of Tlemcen dialect. They live either in Tlemcen or Oran and come from a range of social and educational background: students, housewives, businessmen, professors and teachers, hairdressers and lawyers. The informants are sampled from different age groups, and gender. As for the data, it was elicited through observation and interviews. Most of the informants were helpful and enthusiastic. The study provides an insight the study of politeness formulas in Tlemcenian community. This work shows that speakers of Tlemcen dialect, both young and old from all walks of life, believe that it is important to retain their traditional politeness rituals such as greetings, apologies, congratulations, condolences and requests as well as proverbs. Proverbs are one of the best ways to examine how people conceptualize experiences of the Tlemcenian people genuinely want to oil the wheels of social interaction by adhering to a set of long-standing conventions. They do this not merely to make life easy for themselves, but out of respect, consideration and affection for their follows.

Mots clefs: Tlemcen dialect; Proverbs; Educational Background; Dialect; Social Interaction; Politeness formulas; Apologizing; Condolences; Linguistics; Formulaic Speech.