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Titre: Integrating culture to English language teaching : A case study of relationships between university English language teachers' conceptions of culture and classroom pedagogical practices

Domaine: Lettres et Langues Etrangères (LLE)

Filière: Langues anglo-saxonnes

Option: Educational Psychology

Auteur: BELABBES Ali

Soutenu (e) le: 18/09/2007

Sous la direction de: F. BEDJAOUI, Maitre de conférences, Université d'Oran

Co-directeur:A. NAIT BRAHIM, Maitre de conférences, Université d'Oran

Le président du jury : S. M. LAKHDAR BARKA, Maitre de conférences, Université d'Oran

Examinateur1: S. BENMOUSSAT, Maitre de conférences, Université d'Oran

Examinateur2: R. YACINE, Maitre de conférences, Université d'Oran


Intercultural communication is a topic that has developed in many directions and with considerable vigour in the last ten years. However, surprisingly little attention has been paid to, firstly, understanding whether or not teachers’ stated assumptions about the subject match what they actuality do in classrooms, and secondly, investigating the nature, measurement and practical implications of university teacher’s self-efficacy-their self-perceptions of their own teaching abilities to perform teaching objectives. Our intent is to intergrate research, theory and practice from two different fields-self-concepts and pedagogical practices. It is, perhaps, surprising and unfortunate that we have not previously done so, as we have persuaded much research in each of these areas as distinct lines of inquiry. The conduction of yhis research will be divided into two parts. The first part will examine the existing state of research in the field of intercultural communication. The main purpose of this overview is to determine the objectives of intercultural education. The second part of the project involves investigations of the subject into the field of English language teaching at the university level. The research methodology chosen for this study is quantitative complemented by qualitative research. The present work finally seeks to propose some suggestions on the better alternative to give opportunities to students of English to students of English to reflect on cultural values for effective communication in English across-cultures.

Mots clefs: Intercultural; University; Language Teaching; Linguistic; Educational Reforms; ELT; Teachers; LMD; English.