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Titre: A Study of the Arabic Discourse in Algerian Television Advertisements

Domaine: Lettres et Langues Etrangères (LLE)

Filière: Langues anglo-saxonnes

Option: Dynamic linguistics and language management in Algeria

Auteur: MEBARKI Amel

Soutenu (e) le: 08/02/2007

Sous la direction de: Ali BOUAMRANE, Professeur, Université d'Oran

Le président du jury : Farouk BOUHADIBA, Professeur, Université d’Oran

Examinateur1: Habib TILIOUINE, Professeur, Univérsité d’Oran

Examinateur2: Rachid BENALI MOHAMED, Univérsité d’ Oran


The present work is an attempt at analyzing the spoken language of advertisement with special reference to Algerian Television. But since, as it will be seen later, advertising may take many forms, we should state that this study is only concerned with what Leech (1966) has called ‘commercial consumer advertising’. On television advertising, spoken language is more used than the written one; partly because of the limited size of the screen, and also because there is no time for the viewer to read lengthily the material .On the other hand, the medium makes available the infinite possibilities of the spoken language, with its reliance on voice qualities, spoken dialogue, and many other kinds of interactions.

Mots clefs: Arabic Discourse; Television; Language; Code Switching; Advertisements; Speech; Grammatical Aspects; Varieties; Image; Dialectal Arabic.