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Titre: Syllabus design : Enhancing teaching and learning English in department of sociology of Oran university

Domaine: Lettres et Langues Etrangères (LLE)

Filière: Langues anglo-saxonnes

Option: T.E.F.L. and Educational Psychology

Auteur: ZIANI Melouka

Soutenu (e) le: 07/02/2007

Sous la direction de: Fewzia BEDJAOUI, Maitre de conférences, Université de Sidi Bel Abbes

Co-directeur:Khadoudja BELKHENCHIR, Université d'Oran

Le président du jury : Mohamed MILIANI, Professeur, Univetsité d'Oran

Examinateur1: Rachida YACINE, Maitre de conférences, Université d'Oran


Foreign language teachers are often faced with the challenging task of marking their courses successful. This may be due to factors, either pedagogical or psychological. In fact, these two are complementary and may enhance learning or hinder it. The present work tries to shed the light on a very crucial issue with exists at the level of the department of sociology of Oran University. The absence of a pedagogical tool i.e. the syllabus makes teaching and learning process tather confusing and ambiguous. The candidate wants to solve the issue by suggesting a syllabus targeted for first year sociology students. The survery is undertaken through needs analysis which unveiled other issues related to the loss of interest and motivation among learners. The work has been divided into four main chapters: the first chapter depicts the position of English in the world and the need of ESP as a result to scientific technical improvements. The second chapter includes needs analysis which is undertaken through two questionnaires attributed to the students and English teachers in the department of sociology. The third chapter concerns the psychological side of the research. It emphasizes the motivational factors that enhance learning the target language. The candidate focuses on the teacher’s role as a facilitator and a creator of an environment that is favorable to foreign language learning. The last chapter includes the suggested syllabus. This latter has been designed on the basis of the students’ needs and wants. Therefore, the candidate suggests a notional-functional syllabus which may improve the student’s communicative competence.

Mots clefs: Syllabus Design; Teaching; Learning; ESP; Language; Teacher; Student; Competence; Foreign language learning.