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Titre: The Teaching of english as a foreign language in the elementary schools of Saida : An Evaluation

Domaine: Lettres et Langues Etrangères (LLE)

Filière: Langues anglo-saxonnes

Option: Applied Linguistics

Auteur: BOUROUMI Rekia

Soutenu (e) le: 24/01/2007

Sous la direction de: Mohamed MILIANI, Professeur, Université d'Oran


The central aim of this dissertation is to scrutinize the FLES situation in Algeria with a close reference to ELT as implemented in Saida’s elementary schools in order to find out real reasons behind the withdrawal of this reform. We believe, and will try to prove that the observed deficiencies or failure (if it may be considered so) of English as a FLES in Saida are due to at least one of the following reasons: - an inability of learning English by the Algerian primary-school child, which implies that the whole project is but a utopia. – An inadequate or shaky planning and an ill-consideration of the organization of the curriculum. – a mediocre, non-effective and hasty implementation of the issue and a total absence of experts’ evaluation. – Carelessness and lack of commitment that participated at different levels in the actual conditions of the teaching of English in Saida’s schools. Accordingly, this work includes a general introduction, three chapters and a general conclusion. The first one is a brief historical study of the linguistic situation in Algeria and the changes that occurred to the status of the different foreign languages. The second chapter comprises a historical development of the FLES movement as well as a comparative study of two FLES situations. This will serve for an over-all evaluation of the Algerian experiment. The third chapter, which represents more the practical part of the research, is a description and examination of the conditions of the teaching of English as a FLES in Saida. The general conclusion also contains some suggestions about how to improve the ELT issue.

Mots clefs: FLES; Primary-school; Teaching; Elementary Schools; Evaluation; Foreign Language; Educational System; Learning; Linguistic.